Yoga Well Institute's 

Yoga Therapist Certification Program

Empowering Your Path of Wellness through Yoga Therapy 

What is the difference between Yoga and Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is an integrative and holistic wellness practice. This therapeutic approach to managing wellness unveils the tools to empower yourself & others for managing your physical & emotional wellbeing.  

This self-empowering healing of yoga therapy is your personal guide towards health, healing & transformation. Through yoga therapy, you are able to intricately utilize the powerful connection of the mind, breath, body, behavior & emotions. These different layers are within each of us, affecting each other &, when aligned, working together. 

Awaken Your Path to Holistic Healing. 

If you...  

  • Strive for more lasting energy, less physical & emotional suffering
  • Want to strengthen individual balance & flexibility for everyone
  • Seek to infuse your self confidence as a holistic healer
  • Believe Yoga is for everyone, despite personal limitations
  • Want to present yoga practices adaptable to all of your students & want to fully embody yoga therapy as a powerful healing source...

 We invite you to explore the possibilities of an upcoming Yoga Therapist Certification Program 

Yoga Well Institute's Yoga Therapist Certification Program is delivered through a combination of:  

Residential Training: The Residential piece of the program will be in person modules 3-4 times a year for a period of 5 days each session. There are 15 total required residential modules, totalling 626 hrs. 

Distance Learning: In between each of the residential sessions there will be several online real-time sessions, considered Distance Learning. These online sessions will give you a deeper study of material covered during each of the residential sessions. While all sessions are recorded, there are a minimum number of live attendance hours required to meet your certification requirements. Online sessions take place on Monday evenings & Wednesday mornings, totalling 162 distance learning hours.

Practicum: Yoga Well Institute's Yoga Therapist Certification Program requires you to complete a minimum of 150 clinical hours acting as the lead therapist in face-to-face yoga therapy sessions with clients. This process additionally requires 70 hours of Practicum Documentation & Mentorship. One of the most unique tools Yoga Well Institute introduces to you as a student in our Yoga Therapist Certification Program is the introduction of your own Primary Teacher/Mentor. Your personal mentor is here to support & guide you through this entire practicum process.  

 Based on a personal interview with our Program Director, a mentor, in the Viniyoga Tradition of Yoga, will be recommended to you. This relationship is the foundational support for implementing yoga into your daily life. We do our best to match each student with a primary teacher that compliments YOU.  

We encourage the initiation of this relationship before you even decide to commit to this training. The financial obligation for this relationship is not included in the tuition for this program. All fees associated with your mentor relationship are strictly between you & your teacher. Traditional hourly rates for mentor sessions range from $75-125.

We have two active Training Programs (Registration closed) 

Minnesota Yoga Therapy

2018-2021 : Nashville, TN

Scarrit Bennet in Nashville TN

April 2018 - October 2021  

2016-2020 : Minneapolis, MN

Yoga Center of Minneapolis

November 2016 - May 2020  

Residential Trainings take place over a 5 day weekend. The daily schedule is as follows: Fridays: 3pm - 8pm Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays: 8am - 6:30pm Tuesdays: 8am - 5:15pm  

Pre-Requisites for the Yoga Well Yoga Therapist Certification Program:

  •  Completion of 200-hr yoga teacher training
  •  One year experience of teaching yoga
  •  At least one year of daily personal yoga practice
  •  Applicants must be 18 years of age or older

Through this Yoga Therapist Program you will experience the deep therapeutic effects of...

  • Āsanas - physical movements & postures
  • Āyurveda - diet & lifestyle factors
  • Dhāraṇā - visualization
  • Dhyāna - meditation
  • Mūdra - sound & chanting
  • Prāṇāyāma - conscious breathing

and how to work with these tools to accomodate all of your students.

Program Highlights: Principles & Practice

Our 1000+ hr Viniyoga Yoga Therapist Program is organized into 6 primary curriculum categories as well as over 200 hours devoted to Practicum Prep & Delivery.

Foundations of Yoga

Experience how the ancient yoga texts apply to the nature of mind, suffering, & how yoga views our human system.

Upāya: Tools of Yoga

Learn through experience how to apply the tools of yoga & āyurveda in a therapeutic context to create unique practices for each of your clients. 

 Yoga Therapy: Intake to Follow up

Understand the significance to initiating a yoga therapy consultation, preparing a safe & nurturing environment, initial evaluation to follow up adaptions & adjustments.

Health & Disease Models

Explore both the western (allopathic) & eastern approach to the human organism – physically, physiologically & psychologically.

Practicing Yoga Therapy

Focus on the process of yoga therapy, intiating the teacher-student relationship & conducting an intake assessment.  

Yoga Therapy in Western Society

 Understanding the authentic teacher/student relationship, ethics & laws regarding patients' rights & maintaining a support system post-graduation.

How has this Yoga Therapist Training impacted you?

"The first weekend of training... I was a wreck. Those were hard months. So much uncertainty. I trusted the practice & stayed with it and experienced how stabilizing it can be. Thank you. I feel I was able to be connected and present in the last months of my cousin's life, during the long hospital stays for my dad, visiting all the loved ones surrounding those two. I feel I was able to enjoy them, to breathe in the ways I love them & not have my worry & heartache dominate our moments." ~ Coty D. Yoga Therapy Student

This Yoga Therapist Program will guide you to...

  • Embody yoga’s holistic approach to living & being
  • Experience how to use different variations of yoga tools & techniques for personalized healing
  • Discover how to integrate this viniyoga tradition to match each individual
  • Become confident in identifying each person’s unique needs as they change over time 
  • Establish the skills to develop viniyoga practices influencing all intricate layers within 
  • Understand significant ethical, legal, and business components to becoming a yoga therapist
  • Give you the tools to create your own private Yoga Therapy practice. 

Completion of this training gives you the ability to see each person as an individual, not a symptom or a disease. This skill gives you the confidence to identify the root cause(s) of suffering & embody your clients into self-healing & nourishment

Yoga Alliance Registered & IAYT Certified

As teachers, we continue to be students of yoga. The art & science of living the viniyoga tradition is a continued practice. It is our purpose to share this viniyoga tradition to experience it in your lives. And, as a result, give you the confidence to effectively share the viniyoga of yoga as a way to help others.

Our teachers have been honored to learn this viniyoga method from Mr. TKV Desikachar himself. With gratitude, they have dedicated their lives to sharing this yoga with the world.

Viniyoga Teacher Certification

Chase Bossart, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500 

A personal student of Mr. TKV Desikachar for over 20 yrs, Chase has devoted his life to living & teaching therapeutic yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. 

Students find Chase to be an exceptionally clear communicator, presenting these trainings in a way that is easy to integrate into daily life.


Viniyoga Teacher Certification

Dr. Dolphi Wertenbaker, MD, C-IAYT

Dr. Wertenbaker is a long-time student of Mr. TKV Desikachar & has been teaching yoga since 1985, emphasizing individual therapeutic work. She is a certified Yoga Teacher Trainer in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.

 Students find that Dolphi’s teaching brings clarity, compassion & depth to the subject at hand.

Continuing the Tradition of Viniyoga 

Given the name Viniyoga by Śri Krishnamacharya's son, Mr. TKV Desikachar, this is Yoga for life & for living.  

In Sanskrit, viniyoga means “special adaptation” or “appropriate application”. The understanding of viniyoga is that all tools of yoga are able to be adapted to each individual. Patañjali uses this word to say you must practice “according to the ground one stands on” (III:6). With every student or client, you assess their physical & mental health, emotional well-being, habits & life situations to guide you towards an understanding of where they are & what they truly need work on. This methodology allows you to create a daily personal practice appropriate for the individual.  

"Krishnamacharya's Yoga is based upon absolute respect for the individual, absolute devotion to the infinite potential within each of us. It is Yoga that is always practical in matters of the body, mind & spirit."  

- Mr. TKV Desikachar