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Application Process for Yoga Training & YogaTherapist Certification Programs

Rooted in the Viniyoga tradition, Yoga Well Institute promotes individual focus, growth and support. We have structured our application process to reinforce this notion. 

STEP 1: Let's talk!  

The first step in getting to know someone is initating a conversation. We don't want to see you as just another name on a form, we want to understand who you are & why you want to make such a deep commitment to helping others. 

We lead from a space of experiential practice

Our Admissions Coordinator, Meg Bratt, is a graduate from our Yoga Therapist Training and is a practicing student of Yoga. Deeply integrated within the Viniyoga teachings, Meg will be able to answer any questions you may have in regards to this training and how it will apply to your life. We invite you to schedule a Discovery Session with her.

This initial session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour (or longer if needed) and is designed to assist you in the process of deciding your next step.

STEP 2: Be prepared! 

There are a series of standard questions Meg will be asking you as part of the application process. 

Some of the things you will be discussing will be:

  • If you currently work with a primary teacher, and to describe this process.
  • What type of personal practice you currently have.
  • Are you actively teaching yoga and to provide additional details.
  • Any other sort of healing modalities you may practice.
  • If you have any major health problems (currently or in the past).

These are some of the questions that Meg will use to get to know you a little better. Additionally, please bring any questions you may have with you to the conversation. We recommend that you make notes prior to our call so that you don't forget anything!