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Yoga Well Institute & Chase Bossart, present…

Sādhanapādaḥ ~ The Art of Practice

A complimentary overview on maintaining your state of attention & focus in the ‘real world’.

Do you ever find yourself...

  • Feeling out of balance or slightly ‘off’ from where you need to be
  • Struggling to maintain invigorating & nourishing relationships
  • Experiencing instability in your emotions & decision making
  • Consistently repeating your bad habits 

Introduce yourself to Patañjali's YogaSūtra

Discover the tools for giving yourself a life of contentment & joy in our complimentary 1 hour Webinar: 

Friday, August 11th at 4:30pm Pacific Time, 7:30pm Eastern Time.

The true meaning of yoga is practiced, moment by moment, as you move about the world every day. It is displayed through your personal interactions with everyone you meet, in every situation. It manifests in how you conduct yourself with others, how you feel and even how you think. 

In Chapter 2, Patañjali guides you through the significance of regular practice. The more you practice, the more you can identify the obstacles in your path. This chapter shows you how the tools of yoga help you shift your perspective of all experience



August 11th

at 4:30pm Pacific, 7:30pm Eastern

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Patanjali's YogaSutra Online Study

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Through this Webinar you will…  

  • Learn to identify out of balance tendencies
  • Understand how to digest all experiences
  • Define an appropriate yoga practice catered to your personal encounters
  • Discover what you can control with the emotions of life
  • Establish the guidance for goal setting & understanding purpose  

Your life is not going to suddenly shift into a perfect world, because, after all, this is life. However, the way you perceive each experience along your journey, this is what will get you through even the toughest of times.

I’m not perfect, and Yoga isn’t about aspiring to perfection...

"Since starting the course … I now give myself permission to feel angry, sad, and even joyful, knowing that these are all feelings that come and go. In feeling (not repressing) emotions we can truly allow ourselves to be free.  

I’m not perfect, and Yoga isn’t about aspiring to perfection. I have my ups and downs just like everyone else, but now I have the right tools in my chest to guide me on my journey.“ 

~Akshaya, Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Āyurveda Practitioner

The real practice of yoga is experienced through your mind, breath & body. It is not accomplished on a mat or in a difficult posture, but through the way you live.

If you want your yoga practice to nurture your inner peace & calm stability, don't miss this 1 hour Webinar. 

Patañjali’s YogaSutra - Chapter 2: Sādhanapādaḥ ~ The Art of Practice

Yoga promises a fulfilling life – a life with direction, purpose and balance. The real power of yoga is expressed through our relationship with ourselves and others. When your relationships are working, your yoga is working! 

This is the purpose of practice. 


WARNING: Space is limited & these LIVE trainings always fill up! This one will be no exception. So secure your spot below!