Seeking to be a stronger yoga presence in your yoga community…  

or are you on a personal path of self awareness & transformation?

Introduce yourself to Yoga trainings for where you are right now in your yoga journey.

Yoga Training Berkeley Nashville

300 Hour Yoga Immersion 

The ultimate yoga experience for celebrating your most authentic self 

Introduce yourself to a yoga training program based on the understanding that we all are all absolutely & positively unique. This perspective can change all of your interactions, with yourself & with everyone you meet, greet or choose to teach. 

Our 300 hour Yoga Immersion will guide you to a more authentic connection with each person. As a teacher, this will generate a more positive & purposeful yoga practice within every student. Because you will see each individual where they are right now, you will inspire them to see themselves as well. 

Viniyoga Yoga Alliance

How has this yoga training changed or transformed your life?

"I have a better understanding of how to help others...My relationships with others make more sense. I have an understanding of where people might be coming from, what they're feeling & can then better relate. I have a much better understanding of myself in the same way"  

~ Melissa K, 2015 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate/ 2016 Yoga Teacher Training Coordinator

1000 Hour Yoga Therapist Program

Your Viniyoga path for activating & inspiring profound healing & wellness 

Viniyoga Yoga Therapist Training

The integrative & holistic practice of yoga therapy shows you how to empower your clients for managing their health & wellbeing. Yoga Therapy teaches you the viniyoga, or "appropriate application", of yoga. Viniyoga relies on you to focus on who is suffering, not the disease or illness they suffer from. 

This viniyoga perspective teaches you how to communicate with your entire being. To teach your clients how to listen to & understand their own internal ‘voice’. This instills the foundation for an organic wellness plan suitable to the individual needs of your client. Creating a nurturing practice to grow with them as they slowly transform.

Yoga Well Institute has submitted an application to IAYT for accreditation of our yoga therapy program, & will be able to provide information on our status after IAYT completes its review process.

How has this Yoga Therapist Training impacted you?  

"The first weekend of training... I was a wreck. Those were hard months. So much uncertainty. I trusted the practice & stayed with it & experienced how stabilizing it can be...I was able to be connected & present in the last months of my cousin's life, during the long hospital stays for my dad, visiting all the loved ones surrounding those two. I feel I was able to enjoy them, to breathe in the ways I love them & not have my worry & heartache dominate our moments."  

~ Coty D. Yoga Therapy Student